Our Core Values

With a vision to return the heart and soul to the beauty industry, Peter and Jackie founded AUSBeauty on five Core Values.



Doing the right thing when no one is watching



Honesty always,
no matter what


Customer Centric

Not just a department,
a company culture



Doing the right thing when no one is watching



Honesty always,
no matter what


Customer Centric

Not just a department,
a company culture


Join the AUSBeauty Family

At AUSBeauty we don’t have stockists or clients – we have Partners. We use the word Partner because we partner in each other’s dreams for ultimate healthy skin and healthy businesses. Our philosophy is win-win and we remain committed to supporting you through the challenges and when popping the champagne in celebration!

You’ll be in good company with the AUSBeauty family. We partner the crème de la crème of the industry; our partners are innovators, dreamers and risk takers who aren’t afraid to create the change they want to see in themselves, for their businesses, team and ultimately their clients skin health.

AUSBeauty Brings Show-Stopping Products to North American Audiences

Treat your skin right with AUSBeauty’s top-of-the-line brands and products.

Sun damage, pollutants and irritants put your skin at risk every day. Battling breakouts is a drag. Freckles, scars, wrinkles, and fine lines can undermine your confidence like that.

Your skin is an incredible and beautiful thing, but it takes a beating out there. AUSBeauty knows that you get out what you put into your skincare routine – we’re here to provide the best brands and products, so you can have the skin of your dreams in no time. Skip the experiments, stop wasting money on fad brands and bizarre online hacks. AUSBeauty offers a simple philosophy, a commitment to excellence, and products that will change your skincare standards forever. 

OCOSMEDICS the D is for skin medicine ,cosmeceutical strength at its strongest.

Who is AUSBeauty?

O Cosmedics, the #1 clean medical grade skincare line in Australia and New Zealand, takes North America by storm.

Our AUSBeauty founders, Peter and Jackie (Australian/Canadian citizens), bring a unique philosophy to our business, and it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the confused, oversaturated skin care market. Five core values, one message – you deserve the best.

  • Integrity: Even without an audience, doing right by our customers is doing right by ourselves
  • Transparency: No excuses, no fluff, no smoke and mirrors – just good, old-fashioned honesty
  • Customer Centric: You make our world go around, so we revolve around you
  • Positivity: Life gets crazy sometimes – we’re committed to embracing the chaos, rising above, and finding solutions
  • Family: The AUSBeauty commitment extends beyond the business. We’re a family, and that means love, care and empathy first, forever

These values have given AUSBeauty an edge, setting us apart. We are also the exclusive distributor of the most respected skincare product line in the professional skin care industry in Australia and New Zealand, O Cosmedics. We supply O Cosmedics to a number of clinics and spas across Canada and the US, and we couldn’t be more proud!

O Cosmedics

O Cosmedics have a lot to offer – we love them. They share our values, we trust the science, and we just ADORE their O Confidence movement! O Cosmedics offers solutions for all skin types and a wide variety of common skin issues. Take a look at just a small portion of the O Cosmedics product line:

Cleanse and Exfoliate

O Cosmedics carries exfoliants and cleansers that gently free your skin from dead cells, pollutants, and irritants. There’s a solution for everyone – like our favourite exfoliating cleanser that buffs away the day’s grime using all natural cranberry seeds, jojoba beads, and Diatomaceous earth. Prefer a peel? O Cosmedics has you covered with a fruit enzyme mask. 

Skin Correction and Hydration

When it comes to skin correction, serums  O Cosmedics offer serums specially formulated to meet your needs – brightening, age defiance, skin clearing. 

Eye Essentials

Your eyelids are home to some of the most delicate skin on your face. O Cosmedics provides feather-light eye products, to correct puffiness,dark circles and lines 

Kits and 1SKIN

O Cosmedics offers four amazing skincare kits that have everything you need to tackle common skincare crises – from teen care to age defiance. But we have to ask: why put fast-beauty cosmetics over your beautiful, freshly-O Cosmedics-treated skin when you don’t have to? 1SKIN has a full line of  cosmetic foundations, and a luxury primer to boot.

Anti Agine skincare and makeup in 1

But There’s More: James Cosmetics

AUSBeauty is a proud provider of O Cosmedics to the Canadian and US market, but we pushed the envelope one step further by offering another wonderful exclusive product line – James Cosmetics.

  • James Cosmetics Eye Masks: The world loves James Cosmetics eye masks! We can help you get your hands on eye masks for every occasion and concern you might have – from de-puffing to anti-aging and everything in between.(cosmeceutical strength)
  • Pregnancy Safe Eye Masks: James Cosmetics offers a number of pregnancy-safe options, including these luxuriant 24k gold and collagen infused eye masks.
  • “The Wand”: A great tool to add to your skincare routine. The 24k gold T-bar vibrates at 6000 vibrations per minute to increase circulation and help serums penetrate deeper into the skin.

AUSBeauty can change the way you think about skincare, and it’s worked for so many people already. Why not you? 

Sold by Professional Aestheticians ,Doctors ,Nurses and dermal therapists.


  • Thank you O Cosmedics for transforming me from a Beauty Therapist into a serious Skin Therapist; now I can achieve results that I never would have thought possible. Clients have so much trust now in my recommendations for both professional treatments and homecare products that I have a wait list for appointments and the retail products practically fly off my shelves, I can barely keep up with the demand. I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years, a salon owner for 5 and of all the skincare ranges I have worked with, none can come close to O Cosmedics, so grateful to be partnered with such an industry leading brand who support their salon owners in every way possible.

    Tracy Hall Skin Sanctum Beauty Lounge | Mandurah, Western Australia
  • Good Morning Canada, We know that you are going to love O Cosmedics as much as we do!! I have been an Aesthetician for over 35 years. I was searching for a product that would take my clients skins to the next level. After much research we found O and fell in love. Our clients are excited every time they come in for a treatment. You will not be disappointed with the results. Each treatment can be made bespoke to the client and their skin concern. The results have been amazing. Most of all we love that it is internet protected.

    April Brody Director Beaute 2001 | Melbourne, Australia
  • My journey with O Cosmedics started when the CEO, Maria Enna Cocciolone personally walked into my clinic to give me an overview of the brand. I was also becoming frustrated with the haggling of my guests who had researched and seen my brands discounted as heavily as 30% of RRP online through various skin care sites. I simply could not justify having to price match and was losing valuable sales to online sellers. When I took on O Cosmedics I was thrilled to learn that they have a strict no selling online policy, and that their ethos lies heavily in their products being prescribed by educated skin therapists. Training also included using their Pro Dermal Peels to amplify their results in the treatment room. As time went on, the percentage of my turnover was steadily increasing from retail sales of O Cosmedics. The re purchase rate was high and still is, Clients were constantly walking in or visiting my clinic simply because I was stocking O Cosmedics. I receive phone calls all the time due to clients researching their nearest stockist on the O Cosmedics website. OCosmedics has been the best business decision I have made to date. really. Its a joy and a privilege to be partnered with such a like minded company such as O Cosmedics. I wish I was in Canada so I could tell everyone in person about my adoration for O Cosmedics...

    Belinda Merlino The Skin Clinic Concord | Sydney, Australia
  • I have been working with OCOSMEDICS now for 9 years and absolutely love the product. When I opened my own clinic, I knew that OCOSMEDICS would be my only choice of skincare line that I would have in my retail and my professional treatments. It is the medical grade skincare that delivers real results for my clients in both the professional and retail lines. I love the fact that the products covers a diverse range of skin concerns and all age groups. I can tailor a solution to fit my clients needs. Being internet protected is also very important for me. Its been a great success in my salon.

    Daniela Costa Daniela Costa Brows & Beauty | Sydney, Australia
  • I have been using the entire O Cosmedics range twice a day, for over a year now and my skin has never looked better. The products keep my skin looking fresh, bright and clear. If I get lazy with my skin care routine or try something else I will immediately see breakouts, but as soon as I begin again, I see a change and the breakouts heal so quickly! The entire product range is gorgeous, ranging from the packaging to the smell of each product. I love them all!!! Mineral Pro triple defense protection has to be my number one ultimate product, I couldn’t live without it! Using this range has definitely given me a renewed confidence of going makeup free and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

    Victoria @victoriasbeautyedit
  • I have been using O Cosmedics for over three years now and am forever grateful for being introduced to such an incredible skincare brand. Not only does O tick all the boxes; cruelty free, vegan and free of nasties, it actually works like a dream and delivers real results. My skin has never been healthier, it’s glowing and refreshed. I’ve seen the disappearance of fine lines, I no longer have open pores around my nose and chin and my overall skin texture is so smooth and even! I swear the products must contain unicorn dust or something. So many hero products that work like magic!

    Brogan @brogankate
  • I have used O for 6 months, easily the best product I’ve ever used. I have sensitive skin and it’s the only product that has my skin on track and looking clear and even.

    Bailey Abrahams
  • The best skin care I have ever used!! Now I have glowing, healthy skin and more confidence.

    Carlee Wilkinson
  • Within a month of using O Cosmedics I was loving it so much. My face has never felt and looked this good, I have used so many products and never have I been as satisfied with a skincare that actually works on my face.

    Henna Baburi
  • I have been using O Cosmedics for almost 5 years and my skin loves me for it. I just love the way my skin glows only days after I kick off. Powerful and nourishing products that smell/feel great and actually work.

    Johanna Raissis
  • I have noticed a difference in my skin after ONLY 5 days of use! My husband commented this morning on how even my skin looks and that it actually looks younger. Thrilled with O Cosmedics, redness has disappeared, my skin tone is even and doesn’t look tired anymore.

    Lynda Purchase
  • O Cosmedics is by far the best product I have ever used. My skin is no longer oily so my makeup actually stays on. Not that I need to wear as much as I used to! O Cosmedics has improved the discolouration on my cheeks and most days my tinted Mineral Pro is enough. I highly recommend this brand to anyone. Oh and the best thing is no nasties!

    Sophie Tsangalidis
  • I had ridiculous cystic acne and these products saved my face.

    Claire Newbegin