Our Edge

Party out front, business down the back

Rather than claim the Holy Grail on barely-there volumes O’s approach uses the purest combination of clean ingredients and blends it harmoniously with nature.

O is further enhanced by our delivery system (olive extract) that is the base of the moisturizers and serums, O skincare is free of emulsifiers, O creams and serums will make the skin look and feel healthy. It will protect the skins moisture barrier to prevent, protect and correct the appearance of ageing.

But wait, there’s more! O uses next generation, intelligent antioxidants which assists the skin in looking visibly younger.

Vitamin A firms, tightens, smooths and softens skin, improving elasticity and skin resilience, skin feels and appears firm and lifted.

O contains no nasties, so NO Parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance or colour, no SLS, chemical fragrances and kept all animals out of the lab!

Put simply, O protects skin from environmental stresses to help restore skin to a healthier and more youthful appearance. We have taken the O range through its paces to make sure it stacks up to what you’d expect from a high performing product.

O represents precision skin care. No surgery or needles, simply a daily commitment to feeding your skin with the very best in skin products.



More than skincare, rather skin medicine. Cosmedical skincare is the culmination of innovative science, biotechnology and the acknowledgement of medical science and its treatment of skin. O COSMEDICS is formulated with cutting-edge ingredients that communicate directly with the cells to optimise cell function, gain skin health, youth and ultimately make a visible skin-deep difference.


Australia’s leading cosmedical skincare brand. Clean beauty for the Skintellectual, formulated with the highest respect for the skin.

V8 Peptide Complex®

Exclusive to O COSMEDICS, V8 Peptide Complex® is a multi-functional V8 Peptide that fights specifically against the major signs of skin aging. Featured in almost every product, V8 Peptide Complex® works behind the scenes on the essential cell structure, is proven to accelerate healing and rejuvenation and ultimately age proof the skin.

No Nasties

Free from parabens, harsh preservative systems, sulphates, petrochemicals, plastic microbeads, artificial fragrances and colour. Gluten and Vegan friendly and always cruelty free.


Biomimetic technology enables products to mimic the structure of the skin barrier layers. The biomimetic nature of O COSMEDICS serums and hydrators ensure the skin’s barrier is healthy and strong, supports optimal hydration levels and is therefore able to ease and prevent serious skin concerns, prevent irritation, inflammation and weakness as well as support the transportation of potent active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin making it an anti-aging force.


Based on the Principles of Corneotherapy

O COSMEDICS Corneotherapy values set it ahead of the rest in the knowledge that the skin, the body’s largest organ, should be treated with care making sure it is not over exfoliated and its integrity and barrier are always respected.