Return Policy

Thank you for choosing and supporting Australia’s number one cosmedical brand. We are honoured!

As you know, AUSBeauty is an exclusive, professional only range formulated with medical strength functional actives. Best results are achieved alongside an O Skin Expert who can guide your skin health journey, month by month from Skin Analysis to your healthiest skin possible (O Skin Experts can be found at

Selling online strictly ensures loyal O followers (like you) are always able to get stock and up-to-date information where convenient. Whilst we have your needs in mind, please note because we do not have the benefit of seeing your skin or speaking with you re your skin concerns the responsibility to choose the right products lies with you and because of this we can not take back stock sold over the Internet.

Being a cosmedical range means O Cosmedics not only uses the most active ingredients available but we do so using them in their highest recommended dosage, this is what gives you the skin difference you are looking for. Whilst this is also what gives O the edge, it can sometimes trigger responses in the skin if introduced to fast. The key to loving O and its long-term success is to introduce the actives to your skin slowly, introducing just one product at a time. If you can imagine bringing a starving child into your home, as much as you would love to sit them in front of a feast, you simply couldn’t because their bodies would not be able to digest all that food. As you would need to spoon-feed the child to health you need to do the same with the skin cells. The cells need time to awaken and get to know the actives in order for them to work together in harmony towards skin health and skin youth!

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your O Cosmedics products:

  • Wherever possible work with a Skin Expert for the best advise
  • Keep the Corrective Cleanser & Peel away from your eyes and lips and be sure to wash it off thoroughly (first remove with a face wash and then rinse face clean)
  • Remove your Cleanser with The Skin Shammy to ensure all dirt, grime, pollution and makeup off are removed. Cleanse twice when wearing makeup
  • Use a skin condition specific corrector (may be different for morning and evening)
  • Pat products onto the skin, do not excessively rub them in
  • Pure C+BHA, Potent Retinol Serum and Retinol Concentrate are to be mixed into a Treatment Hydrator or lotion (not used neat on the skin) and never together.
  • Introduce Retinol to the skin every second to third night when you are first starting out
  • It is normal for your skin to feel warm, flush and or tingle when first using a cosmedical product; as long as the feeling dissipates you don’t need to do anything
  • If skin stays warm, gets red, flakey or sensitive simply ease off with the correctors and slowly reintroduce them (every other day)

Enjoy your AUSBeauty experience!