Our Ambassadors

The faces of O Cosmedics: Ellie Carpenter, Alanna Kennedy, Steph Catley & Kyah Simon

O Cosmedics were elated to announce their ambassadors; Steph Catley, Alanna Kennedy, Kyah Simon and Ellie Carpenter from Australia’s National Women’s Football Team, The Matildas!  The Ambassadors embody everything that O Cosmedics strives for – confidence, empowerment, pride and skin health and, like O Cosmedics, understand the potential effect our skin can have on our confidence.

True O Cosmedics fans, having experienced O skin and confidence transformations for themselves, Steph, Alanna, Kyah and Ellie (also members of the Australian Olympic Team) are the perfect fit for O Cosmedics. Marie Enna-Cocciolone skin expert and founder of O Cosmedics says, “Our Ambassadors represent our ethos: skin health, skin youth and skin confidence – being happy in your skin no matter what age or stage of your life and also extend our proud Australian Identity.”

As footballers, their skin is tested and trialled to the extreme, making them ideal candidates to show how results driven the O Cosmedics range truly is. The science behind the potent formulas are superiorly aligned with the latest ground-breaking technology to heal and rejuvenate skin cells. As the Ambassadors are constantly exposed to the harsh elements of sun and sport, O Cosmedics has selected them to prove that healthy skin is accessible to all – women and men everywhere.

The Matildas Women’s Football Team as a whole are changing the face of women in sport and Steph, Alanna, Kyah and Ellie acknowledge the toll that skin concerns can take on one’s self-confidence. As trail blazers in the sporting industry, cementing women’s presence and stature in the male dominated industry demands multitudes of confidence and O Cosmedics is passionate about helping them to achieve this.

“When we first met Steph for example, she told us that her breakouts had affected her confidence so much that she had developed mannerisms where she would cover her face with her hands in conversation or during media appearances to hide her skin. So many people can relate to this, feeling like you’ve tried everything to no avail, possibly the most frustrating and mentally draining stage of a battle with your skin. Since then, the girl’s skin have gone from strength to strength resulting in the kind of before and after photos you have to see to believe!” explains Enna-Cocciolone.

Through their partnership, O Cosmedics hopes to illustrate what self-confidence can help you achieve, whilst empowering people to find that sense of self-confidence through healthy and youthful skin.

The O Cosmedics difference is in their untainted passion for helping to transform people’s skin and confidence. O Cosmedics are thrilled to announce their partnership with Steph, Alanna, Kyah and Ellie from the Matildas and are excited about this opportunity to contribute to women in sport, providing them with radiant skin and glowing confidence to continue their incredible work within the industry.